Issue: What do I do if I am having trouble contacting my attorney?


Insight: Most states have adopted some form of Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.4, which requires attorneys to keep clients reasonably informed about the status of their legal matter and make timely responses to client’s requests for information.  The rule also obligates attorneys to provide sufficient information to clients, so that they may make informed decisions.

If you have made repeated attempts to contact your attorney, and have not received a response, you may wish to contact the division of your state’s bar that handles attorney disciplinary actions.  The bar may assist you in eliciting a response from your attorney, and may begin disciplinary proceedings if the attorney’s conduct was egregious.

In some circumstances, an attorney’s failure to communicate with a client would also constitute legal malpractice.  Failure to disclose material information to a client may also give rise to additional liability under your state’s consumer protection statute.  If you believe your attorney’s inadequate communication has adversely affected the outcome of your legal matter, you should consult a legal malpractice attorney.


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